Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day Three

Day 3 started with the 4 hour team contest. The problem was in Vietnamese with no translat
ions in English. Very very tedious yet very exciting problem. There is no way any team cou
ld get full credit.

The afternoon included a nice trip by boat on the Oder River to a challenging ropes course in the suburbs. A BBQ followed.

Day Two

The excursion took us to an old castle. There was a 2 hour hike through some fairly tough
terrain up the hills under pouring rain.

The afternoon includes some math-related demos in Wladbrzych ( a town near Wroclaw)

Day One

July 27

The problems were very hard especially the ones in Burmese and Old Indic.
Only a handful of people in the entire contest claim to have solved them. 23
teams from 17 countries participated.

There are a number of photos on the IOL web site.

The evening activity was at a nice local aqua park but not everyone attended
it. The excursion is set for Tuesday. The team round is on Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

catching up -- Tuesday

Yesterday, while the jury finished grading the individual rounds, the IOL teams were taken on an excursion into the mountains west of Wrocław. First we hiked in the hills to Castle Książ,

then we toured the grounds

And finally, on our way home, we stopped at "explorapark" ( )
an interactive science and mathematics exhibition space.

you can see a lot more pictures at

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, continued

Let me just add a few pictures here from registration on Sunday taken by the mathematics building, by the side of the Oder river.

More about Sunday

The students seemed a little jet-lagged as the practice began, but their enthusiasm grew as it progressed. We brought sandwich fixings in and they kept up the practice through lunch. Even by 3 PM, they were reluctant to stop -- but there was a team meeting followed by a walk to the Mathematics Institute building for registration....

Greetings from sunny Wrocław!

Finally, I have a few minutes and wireless access (from the shopping mall near the dorm).
The students are taking the individual round of the ILO right now -- they started at 9 AM
(midnight, pacific time, 3 AM eastern time, etc).
Here's a picture from yesterday morning at Starbucks:
we had a light breakfast, then
at about 11 AM David began a practice session in a small meeting area near the lobby of the dorm...